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Michaela Fuller Clear-Hearts alternative event planning


November 10th 2017

When we checked Michaela’s pictures on Instagram we liked them straightaway and we got chatting about fun wedding stuff instantly. Clear-Hearts shows a diverse, unique and interesting point of view on a wedding day, to quote them “We make kick ass alternative weddings with none of the usual stress so all you Rock’n’Roll brides can enjoy your day”. It sounds perfect to us! Michaela definitely has her Cuckoo on! Message her now and see what amazing ideas she has for you.    


What is your company name?



Where are you based?

North West London


How would you sum up your brand/company in one sentence?

Kick ass and stress free alternative events and weddings for everyone.


What does a ‘True love over tradition’ couple mean to you?

Unique and daring couples who want their wedding and events to be as full of laughter as their lives. They are not afraid to be different and stand out.


What would be your dream wedding to be involved in?

I would love to be involved in a wedding that was exactly what the couple wanted from start to finish. I love fashion (and have a degree in fashion styling) so a high fashion wedding could be cool, or a halloween theme, or a gig wedding with some funny cover bands (like Mac Sabbath or Elvis fronted Nirvana)!


Why should a couple choose you, what makes you stand out?

In this industry it can be easy to become bogged down in the “should” and traditional cookie cutter wedding. At Clear-Hearts we offer an alternative that makes everyone feel welcome and accepted.


I am a planner and stylist for anyone who feels like they don’t fit into the norm! I am a champion for those who don’t see themselves represented enough and just want some help creating a stress free event or wedding which reflects them. It is easy to be taken in by the incorrect idea that everything has to be “weddingy” when really all couples actually need is to say a few words for it to be legal and the rest is up to them! I am alternative myself and understand the pain of feeling like I don’t fit in. It has allowed me to become a creative person who spends hours researching venues, dresses, florists and other vendors who can offer something interesting and quirky. I make it my mission to make everyone feel amazing on their wedding day without judgement. Kick ass events are my jam.


Please tell us about one of your quirky and fun wedding experiences?

One of my favourite moments has been walking with the bridal party through East London whilst a marathon was happening. The tourists didn’t know who to take photos of, I Have a special place in my heart for urban weddings as they can be so surreal (and create incredible photos!)


If you could pick anyone, which celebrity would you love to have endorse your brand?

I think I would choose Beth Ditto, she is a champion for being yourself and not letting anything stand in your way. She is an icon in the LGBT+ community and plus size community (her sense of style is banging)! Beth really embodies what we are trying to do at Clear-Hearts which is making it known you can look and be however the hell you want as a bride or groom! Your day should be so fabulously “YOU” without fear of judgement.




What’s your favourite colour sky?

Autumn is my favourite season so I would say that amazing fresh blue on an autumn morning.


Jelly or cake?

Cake all day long! My fave is classic victoria sponge birthday cake but with a cup of tea in hand I will eat nearly all types.


Are tortoises cool?

Oh hells yeah, I have a tattoo of a tortoise on my wrist, I love how they carry their home on their back.



This is where can you find Michaela

Website  /  Instagram


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