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You’re one of our TRUE LOVE couples!
Not just a customer
All of our couples are completely unique. There is no one else like you two and we take pride in photographing what makes you and your wedding day so personal to you!
We have honed a winning photography style to capture your wedding story in all its unique beauty. Be it capturing heartfelt honesty, unforeseen wonders or revealing your hidden inner child (we know its ready to come out and play!), we will be a trusted friend by your side subtle capturing your wonderful day.

Below is a guide to what makes our wedding photography so sort after

It’s all about the MOMENTS
Stories are made up of many perfect moments and we wants to use these to tell the tale of your unique wedding day from start to finish. From your first kiss as a married couple, that happy tearful hug with gorgeous granny, through to those dance floor moves only a wedding seem to bring out in us! We are experts in knowing where and when to be to capture every precious second of your day and documenting these moments in a way that will make them unforgettable gems!
You have a great story to tell
Your wedding day starts the moment you get up and start running about like a lovely mad little things all the way through to you sleepily collapsing into your comfy pillows. It will fly past in a flurry of excitement and fun and you’ll want to remember every amazing moment. We love to tell your complete wedding story, with as much detail as we can squeeze in! Because of this we have created 3 great wedding photography packages to make sure you can get the exact coverage you are after.
Masters of blending in
The best way to capture your story is for us to be seen as wedding guests, rather than ‘the wedding photographers’. We do this by blending in, dressed in our wedding best, craftily looking and acting like regular guests (who happen to have excellent cameras). We want your guests to feel relaxed around us as we capture your day, we’ll chat, mingle like old friends, and maybe even having a cheeky little dance at the end of the night. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to be right in the thick of it for all your amazing moments, and at the same time we won’t interfere with the flow of your wonderful day.
Ready for your close up?
Portrait time is an easy and fun part of the day (and of course it’s optional). We’re willing to bet you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. We’ve worked with lots of couples who find a camera in their faces a little bit daunting, which is why we make sure the short time we whisk you away from your guests is a pleasant no-pressure experience. No fake posing here, we’re just want to capture your happy, smiley, loved-up faces.
You love your GUESTS …
… and so do we! Your wedding day is a big celebration for you, all your friends and your family. You definitely don’t want to miss the happy and silly things they get up to as the day unfolds. We pride ourselves on capturing lots of those lovely little moments that you might miss along the way.
Mums love a family portrait
We specialise in capturing the real and unique story of your wedding day, but we know some people love those posed family pictures as well. If you’re after these shots, we can hatch a plan together that will get those pictures sorted without you taking too much time away from all the fun.
It’s all in the DETAILS
From handmade table decorations to brightly coloured socks; all the little elements of your wedding day are just as important to capture as your smiley happy faces. We love it when couples add the little bits and pieces that make their wedding day uniquely theirs, and we’ll make sure it’s all caught on camera!
We are with you ALL the way
From our first chat with you, all the way to blinking back happy tears when you relive the day through your final images, we want you to love your whole experience with us. We’re not just wedding photography experts, we’re also very happy to help with any questions you might have about your wedding plans. We’ve been doing this for a long time now and have learned a lot along the way. We always love to help out where we can.