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April 04th 2018
“The best place in the world is inside a hug
J. Quest
Locked in the embrace of another person comforting bubble of happiness, where else would you possibly want to be? A proper hug is a silent delivery of pure affection, no words need to be said! It’s a cuddle of support and safety. Two people, three people, a dozen, the more outstretched arms the better! All you need to do is relax into that tight squeeze and accept the love.
There are so many different hugs out there. They came in all shapes and sizes, they can last for minutes or be over in seconds! And what makes every hug so unique is you never know which one it’s going to be until you embrace!
We love coming up with special names for each hug we capture at weddings. A few of our favourites include; The Squeeze, The Enthusiastic, The Heartfelt, The Fierce, The Spontaneous, The Congratulatory, The Boisterous and The Bond (not to be confused with 007). To check out our full ‘Proper hug’ collection, click here for Instagram fun!

OUR TOP THREE proper hugs

The squeeze them like you bloody mean it hug!
You haven’t seen each other for ages and now you’re squeezing each other so tightly that your eyes are beginning to bulge (Total Recall style)! These hugs are bubbling with pure emotion, they come from very deep inside and they are tightly packed with pure excitement and joy! Anyone watch will think your trying to squish into one person.
The ever lasting hug!
This hug stirs up the deep and meaningful emotion inside with its intimate embrace. These hugs can last a very long time without a single word spoken. Whether the embracers are loved ones, significant others or just bound by life’s adventures, this hug is calm and gentle but comes with a very powerful connection of support and trust.
The surprise from behind hug!
You’re mingling with the crowd, doing your own thing, completely unaware that your about to become the receiver of the best surprise ever, it’s time for a sneak attack hug! You’re shocked, your confuse, but your also feeling the pure love of a very intimate embrace. (Fingers crossed the hugger has not mixed up their friends though, or their about to make a brand new one).

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