A delightfully jaunty Indian wedding

Reena and Sid’s Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding


September 27th 2017

“The photos totally captured the joy everyone felt! Cuckoo fitted in perfectly with the whole relaxed vibe of our wedding days. The family love you, they still talk about you now! haha.”

Reena & Sid


3 days of amazing energy, vibrant colours and very happy faces. That’s how we would sum up Reena and Sid’s indian wedding that started with intimate ceremonies in their family home and ended with hustling joyful emotion at the beautiful Bhaktivedanta Manor. What a pleasure it was to be along for the whole ride!


How did you guys meet?
We met on Tinder! We were each other’s first date. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day because silly Sid didn’t realise the date and was too chicken to change it!!


How and where did your proposal take place?
The proposal was in his bedroom! Nothing too special. As he didn’t have candles he put a tissue on the table lamp to create mood lighting! He did play our favourite Indian love song in the background when he proposed though!


What were your favourite part of your wedding day?
Best part of the wedding was the fact we kept it real! The whole few days was relaxed and super fun! The priest was hilarious. It was great have all our family fly over from around the world and stay with us.


What made you choose Bhaktivedanta Manor for your wedding?
I loved setting of the temple. Indian temple is an old school English home. I also picked them as it was a package. I couldn’t be arsed with doing wedding prep!


Why did you choose that amazing dress?
I loved my dress – always wanted to look like an vintage Indian bride, hopefully I pulled it off. It weighed over 15kg and I had bruises on my hips for 2 days but it was worth it. I thought the dress was magical and I felt it!


Who created your wedding cake?
The cake was from cakes and doilies. We had to collect if from Kingsley Square and walk it all the way to the reception pub before the party because we were too tight to pay for delivery… it weighed a tonne!!


What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding?
I bought flowers online and Soraya and my family made them up at home. We made our own decorations. Personal and cost effective! I loved our mini mes cake topper – super cool and now lives in our living room on the mantelpiece! I made all the Tinder themed flags and decoration for our party. It was a homage to how we met. Thank you Tinder!!


The amazing suppliers

Venue – Bhaktivedanta Manor  /  Make up – Nimnaya  /  Hair – Nimnaya  /  Wedding dress – Este Couture


Bhaktivedanta Manor London alternative Indian wedding by Cuckoo Wedding Photography


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