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Katie Matthews Humanist Ceremonies

November 10th 2017

We first saw what Katie was all about on Instagram and we loved it. The vibe and character of her page was spot on and we thought instantly that we would love to work with this lady! If you are looking for a wedding celebrant with charm and delight you need to say hello to Katie.


What is your company name?

Katie Matthews Humanist Ceremonies


Where are you based?



How would you sum up your brand/company in one sentence?

I create fun-filled, unique and memorable ceremonies that tell couple’s love stories… and make their big day SHINE!


What does a ‘true love over tradition’ mean to you?

It’s where the relationship radiates with love and warmth and the couple themselves leave a distinct impression on me with their personality. My job is basically that of a storyteller, so I get really excited when I come across interesting characters and their weird and wonderful untold love stories!


What would be your dream wedding to be involved in?

Oh well, it’s no secret that I’m a wedding fanatic so it pretty much all floats my boat! I really love love rustic outdoorsy weddings. And anything with a theme! Oh, and I love a strong colour scheme – see, I couldn’t narrow it down AT ALL!


Why should a couple choose you, what makes you stand out?

I like to think I’m a wonderful storyteller; I’m fun and colourful and I create ceremonies that will stay forever in people’s minds.


Please tell us about one of your quirky and fun wedding experiences?

I’m working on a 2018 wedding at the moment where the couple have asked me to RAP part of the ceremony. That’s a totally new one on me, but I’m pretty much willing to give anything a go (within reason!).


If you could pick anyone, which celebrity would you love to have endorse your brand?

Adam Buxton.




What’s your favourite colour sky?

Easy. A deep orangey-pink dusk.


Jelly or cake?

Cake. I’m obsessed with people’s wedding cakes (please send me your wedding cake photos, I’m deadly serious!)


Are tortoises cool?

Hmm… bit on the fence. They’re adorable but it freaks me out that they live longer than humans!



Where can you find Katie

Website  /  Instagram


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