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November 21st 2018

Rich loves Luke

Lambeth Town Hall and The Duchess Pub wedding


It’s exciting slideshow watching time!
Turn up the volume and enjoy


“Wow! These are amazing!!!!! Very very emotional!!! What a lovely lovely lovely day and a cracking job you’ve done. Thank you so much! xxx” Rich and Luke


We love a unique wedding!
Wow, what can we say about these guys?

They were an absolute pleasure to meet and capturing their wedding days was incredible.

Day one – A very personal ceremony

Everyone involved was full of so much happiness and joy. From the first day at Lambeth Town Hall, where we spent some lovely pre ceremony time in the newly created courtyard, to the very intimate ceremony itself. Afterwards we found a secret area with amazing stained-glass windows folding the room with gorgeous light and had to use it for some family shots.

The confetti wind battle on the way out also created a humorous challenge!

Day two – fun at the Duchess Belle
For the second occasion, we met the guys in Battersea Park and dodged the unfortunate rain with amazing skills!
Then it was off to The Duchess Belle for a very sociable gathering (a beautiful pub to hold a wedding reception if your on the hunt).
People poured in, wet haired with umbrellas in hand, but that didn’t hinder the celebrations of this marvellous occasion.
These guy’s wedding had one the biggest amount of proper hugs in one day we have ever seen! We have been keeping tally and no one has got close to this yet! Ha!
As the evening went on, the social fun lead to a dance floor upstairs which quickly became an energetic room of cheer and delight! Family and friends danced the night away to some proper pop icons. What a wonderful way to finish your day!
We love you guys, Thank you so much for booking us to shoot your day!



Why Lambeth Town Hall makes an amazing wedding venue
Lambeth Town Hall (also known as Brixton Town Hall) is a stunning place to have your wedding ceremony. Its recent refurbishment won a prestigious industry award for the success in revitalising the historic building.

From the beautifully designed courtyard area outside with its delicate trees and open space, to the hidden (the security guard helped us find it) room upstairs with its amazing stained-glass windows that creates a perfect place for taking group shots.

If you are thinking of booking Lambeth Town Hall for your wedding ceremony, please do get in touch with us!


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