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August 02nd 2018

Heather loves Fraser

Animal heads, sward swallowing and Mexican wrestlers! An Asylum Chapel wedding


It’s exciting slideshow watching time!
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“On seeing our wedding album our guests felt it was like reliving the whole day again. We feel sorry for the couples who don’t have ‘Al Loves Aida’ as their wedding photographers.”
Heather and Fraser xx

Wedding guest throw confetti as the wedding couple leave Asylum Chapel in London, they are holding hands, the bride has pink and blue hair.
An alternative bride and groom lay on a park bench. The bide is wearing white boots and the groom has a top hat and trainers on.
A bride and groom cheer hapily with celebration. the bride is wearing a gold outfit and the groom is shirtless.

How did this unique wedding unfold?

Heather and Fraser, or The Frog and The Monkey (their stage names) met whilst wrestling and they have been inseparable ever since. They approached us with a very quirky, alternative wedding planned to take place in South London at the Asylum Chapel, a grade ii listed building packed with character and decadent charm. They wanted their alternative wedding to reflect their creative, free soul by adding details that would make their day very special. Amongst the preparations for the big party they made paper mache masks for all the guests inspired by their wrestling animals. Yep, nan became a wild cat at the ceremony!
Heather got ready at her home with her friends and mum, starting the day with laughs and playful silliness. The dress was a friend’s creation using a Dolly Parton’s fancy dress costume, how cool is that? And she looked stunning posing for us with a space, futuristic golden gun outside her house.
Once at the venue she removed her boots and walked down the aisle barefoot whilst singing to the entrance music, David Bowie’s Life on Mars, a very special moment where the guests also joined in. After a short and sweet ceremony full of true love and lots of in jokes everyone walked across Nunhead’s Cemetery to a traditional local pub, the Ivy House. The party then continued until late into the night with performances from the bride’s brother, poetry from their best friends, a glamorous sword swallower and friends performing wrestling cabaret. Our couple hit the dance floor to start the party with a wrestling dance to Human League’s song ‘Don’t You Want Me’, amazing everybody with their flamboyant performance, Heather spun Fraiser around her head a few times! Ha. What an amazing day!
What did this couple think of ‘Al Loves Aida’ Wedding Photography?
Al and Aida were literally better than we could have imagined, they both helped us not only plan out the logistics of the day; but also made friends with our cats and took diligent notice of our complicated family politics. Every encounter was chilled and encouraging.
On the day they worked non stop to make sure everyone’s smiling faces and all the weirdly lovely interactions were photographed beautifully. The colours, the joy, the vibrancy was all captured completely by their pictures. Additionally, they even found time to stop Heather crying her makeup off while waiting at doors on numerous occasions.


An alternative bride with red and blue hair squints as a bridesmaid sprays here face from a bottle.
A Mexican skull cup is filled with champaign from a bottle. the bride is blurred in the background
A painting of a red squid has a card in it saying Yay same penis forever, there is a also a picture of a bear.
An quirky bride with blue hair is applying make up in a mirror with pictures of confident women on it.
An alternative quirky bride with red and blue hart looks at here reflection with a happy excited smile.
An alternative bride is wearing a wedding dress modified from a Dolly Parton costume. There is a snake in the picture.
A bridesmaid hugs a quirky bride with red and blue dyed hair. She has her eyes closed and is very happy.
A bridesmaid looks at an alternative bride with a joyful expression. the bride is blurred and smiling.
A very happy quirky bride hugs a bridesmaid. There is a girl laughing in the background.
A collection of coloured animal masks are placed on steps with green plants

What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding?
We went with an animal head theme because then we would be the normal ones for the change. It was a DIY wedding and we wanted a celebration of our joined creativity. Everything was homemade or made by friends.

A quirky alternative bride in a white dress with red and blur dyed hair holds a large gold space gun and stands with attitude.

Your wedding dress was amazing, where did it come from?
It was a second hand Dolly Parton costume from a fancy dress shop. A friend transform it based on a design by Alexander McQueen. I chose it because it was glittery, a 1950s figure hugging style, and it made my cleavage look AMAZING. We added a cape, which I recommend for all brides.

Asylum Chapel front side with a cool white sky above it. Guest are entering through large double doors.
Asylum Chapel is a beautifully decadent Grade II listed building built in 1826. It’s licensed by Southwark Council for weddings and civil ceremonies and is a perfect place for an alternative wedding. The Chapel is suitable for up to 120 guests, it’s a ceremony only venue, so you can have toasts and some canapés after your service but unfortunately no sit down meal.
Asylum Chapel, Caroline Gardens, Asylum Rd, London, SE15 2SQ
Aged wedding guest pass out animal masks while sitting in Asylum Chapel London.
Animal masked on wooden seats and a monkey mask being worn at a wedding in Asylum Chapel London.
A man wearing a yellow wolf mask and a woman wearing a brown bear mask at a wedding in Asylum Chapel London.
Asylum Chapel full up with guests for an alternative wedding. Sunlight comes in through the windows at the back lighting the whole room.

What made you choose The Asylum Chapel in Peckham for your ceremony?
It’s an abandoned church with lovely staff and is surprisingly affordable as well as absolutely beautiful.

Asylum Chapel is a Grade II listed building built in 1826 by the Licensed Victualers Benevolent Institution for use by the residents of Caroline Gardens. The Chapel is 2 minutes away from Queens Road Peckham Station which has a train 10 minutes away from London Bridge Station. Asylum’s Chapel is licensed by Southwark Council for weddings and civil ceremonies.


What were your favourite parts of your wedding day?
Fraser – When Heather arrived at the ceremony and I didn’t turn round and then she was there. Heather – Everything, but mainly when we ran down the aisle to Born to Run.


This is what a Asylum Chapel wedding looks like, check out that amazing backdrop of this authentic grade ii listed building! This is a perfect wedding venue for an alternative wedding couple looking for an original ceremony space.


Asylum Chapel has a beautiful exterior of group shots thats makes it such perfect wedding venues for all your wedding guest. Posing on the steps of this grade ii listed building surrounded by the grand pillars really adds to the elegance of your wedding day.

Asylum Chapel is a beautifully quirky and unique distressed church. This amazing space packed with character from it’s stained glass windows to it’s crumbling decor is one of London’s most sought after wedding venues. This unique ceremony space was bombed in the Second World War but was brought back to life in 2010 and its wayward charm appeals to so many wedding couples looking for an alternative wedding venue.
Heather and Frazer pose here on the former alter against a crumbling characterful backdrop filled with candles and flowers fitting their wedding theme.

How did you two meet?
We met at Mexican wrestling training where Jonathan Ross picked us to be Channel 4’s dream couple (footage still somewhere) and we’re still waiting for him to tell us it’s not real.


How did your proposal take place?
Heather proposed to Fraser using a plate of doughnuts with messages hidden inside. Fraser accidentally ate the messages but luckily not the important one.


What made you choose The Ivy House for you reception venue?
As a community run pub they gave us a discount because we lived so close and were regulars at the pub. The pub is a listed building, with nooks and crannies for quiet chats – as well as the crowning feature – a stage with a gold lame curtain. The staff were great and the food was exceptional. The fact our money was going back into the community made it even more special.

The Ivy House, Londons first co-operatively owned pub. A venue for live music, comedy and theatre. The finest beer in London: 8 real ales and ciders, and a wide range of craft beer in keg, key keg, and bottle.

Bride hugs friend during documentary coverage of the drinks reception at their Asylum Chapel wedding

Do you have any tips and advice for other couples planning their wedding day?
Listen to Al and Aida about the logistics of the day because daaammnnn they know what they’re doing.


Who provided your entertainment and why did you choose them?
We are very lucky to have some incredible friends. Heather’s brother did a medley of Country songs; followed by performances from Ru Maclean and Sh!t Theatre. We then had cabaret from the Fabulous Bakewell Boys and sword swallowing by the ineffable Snake Fervour.


The amazing suppliers

Wedding venue – The Asylum Chapel  /  Reception venue – The Ivy House  /  Wedding dress – Modified Dolly Parton costume  /  Cake – Munch Betty Crocker mis and The Cheese Shed  /  Music – Friends  /  Food – Amy at The Ivy House  /  Flowers – Bloomingayles

Asylum Chapel and The Ivy House, a unique wedding by ‘Al Loves Aida’ Wedding Photography
Asylum Chapel
Caroline Gardens, Asylum Rd, London, SE15 2SQ
The Ivy House
40 Stuart Rd, London, SE15 3BE

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