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Bride and groom join forces to battle archnemesis!

Becky and Mike’s Don’t tell the bride wrestling wedding


September 10th 2017

Becky and Mike’s wedding was featured on the Channel 4 Series “Don’t Tell the Bride” and it became a crazy, cuckoo experience from beginning to end. Not only was Mike left to organise everything, but he made the decision to make it about the world that they both shared. Becky and Mike met whilst wrestling and the two of them had an act together, so for Mike it was obvious that the wedding had to be a wrestling extravaganza!

They tied the knot at the Battersea Arts Centre and Becky surrounded by all their families and friends who were wrestlers, artists, cabaret performers and more! The bride had no idea of what was happening. Mike designed her dress and hairstyle and our bride had no chance to choose anything, but guess what? She loved it!

The register for the ceremony was the wrestling host and cabaret artist which made the ceremony even more especial. After tying the knot the newlyweds had a big wrestling party with hot dogs and popcorn and instead of first dance the couple wrestled against an evil villain… they won of course!


Don’t tell the bride wrestling alternative wedding by Cuckoo Wedding Photography


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