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July 11th 2018

Anna & Justin’s Abbot’s Hill School wedding



It’s video time! Click the triangle, turn up the volume and enjoy! ?


“We love all the images, you captured everything beautifully, we can’t thank you enough!” Anna and Justin

Their wedding day
Anna and Justin planned a beautiful summer wedding with a very happy theme indeed. Justin illustrates children’s imagery and they combined his amazing skills with their love of A. A. Milne’s most famous character. Yep you guessed it, they had a Winnie the Pooh wedding! The wall were full of pictures of the characters adventures, Christopher Robin reading to Piglet, Tigger was bounding about and Owl was watching over everyone. Everywhere the guest looked there was a character getting up to something!
Justin waited for Anna Watford Registry office and after a lovely ceremony with family and friends, they made their way to Abbots Hill School where everyone gathered on the ground to celebrate their beautiful day.

Abbots Hill School Wedding In Hemel Hempstead by Al and Aida Wedding Photography


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