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October 10th 2017

A very quirky  wedding proposal in Legoland… of course! 

A wedding proposal is a magical thing. It comes in the forms from the clevely orchestrated reveal to a surprised partner, to the spur of the moment life-affirming decision between two, very much in love, people. It can take place at the top of a mountain, across the table at the restaurant you had your first date, or in the car part outside Sainsburys. But however it happens, your engaging engagement story will be a tale you happily tell for the rest of your lives!

Legoland love
Our engagement story took place in Legoland (yep, Alistair went for one of those ‘clevely orchestrated’ ones). Above is the video of the proposal and below you can read our silly thought of the day as our marvellous future together began!
The secret plan
Alistair: On the day of the one-year anniversary of our first date, I planned a little celebratory adventure to the pleasure playground that is Legoland (you might know about the level of our lego obsession already, ha!). This was no simple adventure, I had a secret plan in action that was beginning to unfold beautifully. This day would no longer be the anniversary of our first date, but also the anniversary of the day I asked Aida to marry me!
With the special ring hidden in an oversized present and stashed in my metrosexual man bag telling Aida it was food for lunch. I made the poor lady get up far too early in the morning to start our day’s adventure.
Aida: I had no clue where we were going, I like a good surprise, but when I started seeing signs for Slough my excitement levels dropped rapidly.
Alistair: I made her pose under the Slough train station sign and said it was very important. It’s all about the subterfuge!
Aida: We got on to a very packed little train with a whole variety of different people, I was getting no clues about this journey at all!
Alistair: There were signs up everywhere saying Legoland. The bloke in front of us was holding flyer with the logo on and a child behind us shouted it out at one point, how was I going to keep this a secret?!
Aida: The train pulled into Windsor station and we walked through the quaint little shops and flower stalls heading to the main road. Maybe Alistair was taking me to see the Queen for posh tea and delicate little sandwiches whilst riding in a horse and carriage.
Alistair: From the distance I saw our transport arriving, a massive blue double decker bus! And on the front of the bus it said…
Aida: ‘LEGOLAND!’ I screamed in a delicate lady way (I hope). I was bouncing up and down with joy, this was much better than any outing with her majesty. We were venturing to the land of brightly coloured bricks and extraordinary creations!
The build-up
Alistair: As we approached the entrance our excitement grew, with the help of oversized minifigures, jutting out of hedges, pointed the way. After zero queuing (it pays to be a little crazy and get up really early) and handing over a small fortune, we were presented with a treasure map of the surrounding lands.
Aida: I want to see Lego Ninjago! Nope, the Lego Viking water ride! Is that a Lego Pirate Ship!? Duplo! I want to pay with the big bricks! Ooh Lego Pharaohs! Is that underwater Lego? Wait a minute! Does that say Lego Star Wars?
Alistair: We wandered around for hours, playing on rides, building Lego characters, spotting hidden Lego animals, and narrowly avoiding getting drenched by a Lego pirate battle reenactment! The whole time I was carefully leading us towards Lego Miniland, where I knew they have a whole miniature Lego London ready for my proposal backdrop.
The scene of the crime
Aida: After fighting Ninjago Lego men, bouncing about on Lego viking rapids, and exploring underwater Lego (with real sharks and octopuses! I want to own my own octopus one day!), we entered Miniland and discovered its had not been dusted since its creation in the 80s! Let’s move on, I thought, I want to find the life-size lego Iron Man!
Alistair: I slowly navigated us around crumbly brick Amsterdam, through faded brick Paris, and past some unknown city that look like a giant bird had decided to nest in the middle. I was getting worried, and then I saw it! The tall grey bricks of the iconic London landscape! Yep, it was showing its age in places, but new towers and landmarks had been added, little red-brick buses traveled along metal railings, and you could even hear the sounds of cockney slang from little hidden speakers. We were looking at the city we had met in, wondered around on countless adventures, and enjoyed many happy memories from.
Aida: Miniature London looked amazing! It was definitely worth coming here to see. Alistair was pointing out bits, but he was getting all confused and saying silly things. Was he cold, tired? I suggested we ate some of the food in his bag, but that confused him even more!
Popping the question
Alistair: Now was the time. Aida’s present had been secretly pretending to be food in my bag all day. We sat down on the little grass slope overlooking London and I pulled out the large object wrapped in pink and yellow tissue paper.
Aida: Layer after layer of paper, I tore my way deeper and deeper into the wrapping until a big yellow lego box was revealed covered in little bobbly eyes (I love putting bobbly eyes on everything… EVERYTHING!). I carefully lifted off the lid, and to my surprise the box was full to the brim with Jelly Belly jelly beans (my favorite naughty treat). After scooping up just a few, a little lego creature, and underneath him more and more were found. An Ice queen, a man bat, a unicorn person (Is it a man?), an alien queen, C3PO and even Medusa! But at the very bottom was something that was tightly wrapped up.
Alistair: I was filming all of the Aida happy reactions as she delved deeper into the Lego box revealing a multitude of lego characters squeezed amongst the jelly beans. Then it suddenly dawned on me that she had made it all the way to the ring, still at this moment wrapped tightly in paper! My throat tightened, nerves suddenly hit! I had not prepared what I was going to say! I was too caught up in all the fun.
I quickly got down on to one knee and, as she tore open the last bit of paper to reveal the octopus ring I had hidden away for her, I asked her to hand it to me and I began to speak…
Aida: … well, if you want to know what happened next, you need to go back to the top and see our little video!

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